Why ODCs are Relevant

Ample Control Over Projects

Control over ODC teams as much as in-house teams

Quick Hiring

We take all the pain in hiring the best talent for your business

Cost Effectiveness

ODCs established in India are way cost-effective when compared to Europe or the US

Access to Diverse Technical Expertise

Quickly assemble teams with diverse technical skills and expertise

Enhanced Security

Better protection of sensitive data and project information


Increase or decrease the number of professionals as per your project demand

What is it Like Establishing an Offshore Development Centre with Nexom

Nexom specializes in establishing offshore development centers or ODC that constitute of dedicated and integrated teams of highly skilled professionals. We set up ODCs according to our clients’ niche businesses needs such as software development, web design, graphic design, etc. Such teams may include professionals from a plethora of fields including testers, digital marketing experts, graphic designers, copywriters, software maintenance experts, auditors, etc.

Benefits of Setting Up an ODC with Nexom

Fast Development Processes

Relevant Development Methodologies

Improved Cost-Benefit Ratio

Fast Project Upgrade

Low Overhead and Support Costs

Dedicated Expertise

How to Launch an ODC Project with Nexom

You can check our work history with previous clients and also ask them about their project fulfilment

Connect with your ODC team and ensure that they clearly understand your project and its objectives

You will ultimate control over the access of your project as you can determine the right professionals who can access specific levels of information

You get to set benchmarks, opt for the methodology, and determine deadlines for your projects

Become a part of a highly integrated chain of communication that can facilitate a smooth flow of information