How can partnering with Nexom save you money and stress-induced acid reflux?

How can partnering with Nexom save you money and stress-induced acid reflux?
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Nexom has been helping clients to get rid of the vicious cycle of spending thousands of dollars and precious business hours on incorrect hirings, non-core procedures, and creating and disbanding teams and departments.

We create flexible and intelligent staffing solutions that will help you to scale up and scale back easily without incurring huge costs, and without overwhelming your existing human resource department.

If you are still reading this blog, then the next part will seem all too familiar.

Experienced Talent Experts to Fulfill Diverse Hiring Needs

Every company has varied hiring needs. At any given point in time, a company may need to hire software developers, data scientists, web developers, business analysts, UX designers, Sales heads, CXOs, Tax Managers and Data Engineers. Can you imagine the same HR Person hiring a data scientist and a Tax Manager? Let us assume that HR has intermediate knowledge of tech roles. However, it would be near impossible for the same person to have in-depth knowledge of taxation, quality, and sales. Generally, when you have a small HR team with limited capabilities, you hire people who are not qualified enough or are simply not the best people for the job. Filling a vacancy requires the company to spend money on advertising on job portals and social media. Then, the human resources team and the mid & senior management spend precious time interviewing candidates. So when a hire is not up to the mark, the company loses money because they have to fill the same vacancy again.

Staffing solutions companies like Nexom have access to a large pool of recruiters who are experts in different fields. These recruiters have years of experience hiring for specialised business verticals, teams, industries and even CXO level designations. They will screen hundreds of applications to shortlist the most suitable candidates. They will interview the shortlist to further screen and prune the list so that you meet the best candidates only. Hiring Nexom would also mean that a company wouldn’t have to invest in hiring full-time specialised recruiters and paying annual salaries when they could reach out to Nexom whenever they have vacancies to fill.

Your On-Demand HR

Most small companies do not need an HR Team. They make do with an admin team that takes care of clerical tasks and basic employee needs. It is not feasible for such companies to invest time and money in building an HR vertical to handle functions like hiring, payroll, on-boarding, and FnF. However, these are essential functions, and a team of qualified people are required to take care of these procedures. This is where Nexom steps in. Our team will ensure that vital HR procedures are smoothly conducted so that you can focus on the business side of things.

Providing Temporary Staffing Solutions

Several companies go through phases when they need more hands on deck. It could be because of a big project or peak seasonal demand, where they need larger support than their team can provide. However, to employ extra employees full-time for a temporary spike in workload would be a poor financial decision for any company. Nexom is adept at finding temporary employees to fulfil short-term employee needs. We will take care of hiring, on-boarding, and the exit of such temp employees so that business can run as usual once the workload declines or the project successfully culminates.

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